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Istanbul  / Landmarker


It's always going on a search of the perfect image, but does it exist? I can't help to compare with other photographers all the time, see what a feeling they express, what skill they have. I can love an image from someone and at the same time know that I would never take that image my self, it's not me, so foreign. In Istanbul though, I can.




w. 158,6 x h. 111,8 (44 Inch) cm. Printrun of 27. And three artists proofs.                   15 000 SEK

Printed Image, 140,6 x 93,8 cm. Frame around image, 9 cm.


w. 111,8 (44 Inch) x h. 79,2 cm. Printrun of 50. And three artists proofs.                    6 250 SEK

Printed Image, 97,8 x 65,2 cm. Frame around image, 7 cm.


w. 77,9 x h. 55,9 cm. Printrun of 100. And three artists proofs.                                  2 500 SEK

Printed Image, 65,9 x 43,9. cm. Frame around image, 6 cm.


w. 55,9 x 39,9 cm. Printrun of 200. And three artists proofs.                                     1 150 SEK

Printed Image, 47,9 x 31,9 cm. Frame around image, 4 cm.



Printed on 308 gsm acid free cotton paper, Photo Rag® from Hahnemühle without any OBA (Optical Brightening Agents) to achieve an outstanding archival length.