Jonas Wettre Photography & Retouch

Book spreds (in a early stage)



Ruscha's Blvd.


Ed Ruscha and his crew took 544 feet (166 m) of black and white negative film in 1973 when he did the first shooting of Hollywood Blvd. In 2004 I had the fortune to be there when the Blvd was shot again. Then we used the same camera, a Nikon F2 and 1 200 feet (366 m) of color negative film. Thats about 13 000 negatives. During this journey I frequently used my SX-70 Land camera and documented the life at and around the strip. The project was running for more then a year and we were several times in LA during the production and later the exhibition. Now, 10 years after the exhibition at Gagosian, I finally started with this project and in the end I hopefully can show you my work.


To be clear, this idea is in an early stage and right now it's just an idea that hopefully can be a product in the future.


Jonas Wettre